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Classroom Session @ Xcellon  
At Xcellon, based on the learning outcomes of a subject, faculty members develop their session plans and delivery schedules in conjunction with each other. Different subjects are taught in a manner that corelate with each simultaneously, to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the concepts, in isolation as well as their inter-linkages.

Assignments and projects undertaken by students are allotted in a similar manner to allow them to apply all theories being learned so that they gain an understanding of overall implications as well.

Sessions are rigorously planned and based on the "nine events of instruction" as per the principles of Instructional Systems Design, while delivering the sessions, innovative methods for involving students in a wide spectrum of experiential exercises are used. Cases, games, group discussions, role plays, movies, assignments, presentations, surprise quizzes, etc., are used for enriching the learning experience.

In addition to these, faculty members also bring to the class their experiences from research, industrial visits, industry interactions, seminars they have attended and the Management development programs that are conducted.
They also assume the role of co-learners and facilitators and not mere teachers. The focus is on learning from experiences arising out of the teaching and learning processes as they happen and taking the learning experience back to the class.

For example, while teaching the concept of taking customer feedback by organizations in the service industry, a faculty member would bring his own experience of filling a feedback form thrice at a hotel and giving his personal details thrice. The experience of the hotel service representative collecting the form, and filing it without acknowledging it and not using the data to send a thank you note to the faculty ( in spite of the faculty member being a loyal customer ) is brought to the class.

The concept is then extended and students are asked to recollect their experiences of a similar nature. An assignment on collecting feedback forms from three organizations is given to the students for extended learning. In class, teaching covers the do's and dont's of preparing feedback forms. The whole experience of conducting the session is again shared internally with other faculty members for them to take the concept ahead.specifically draw from experiences of the participation and take it to the class by relating the experience to the concepts taught in class.
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