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Expert Sessions  
Saturday Guest Lecture series under the aegis "Managing the Business of Life" at Xcellon is an initiative attempting to offer an all-pervasive learning experience to students. The Expert lecture series is an extension of the Experiential learning approach.

The objective is to provide platform to students to learn from life experiences of others. Managing the business of life is an initiative where people of eminence from the fields of business, art, architecture, literature, drama, theater, social service, entrepreneurship and other walks of life are invited to share their life management wisdom.
Students are able to relate to the incidents and events shared by the speaker and reflect upon them in their own lives as a student and as a professional during the future course of action.

Through experience sharing, the guest would attempt to present a perspective towards approaching life and would therefore help the students to relate theory concepts taught in the class to their own personal lives. This lets the students ascertain the principles of management which have contributed to his / her (Expert's) success.
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