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Xcellon School of Business is an education initiative by the founders of an IPR driven global pharmaceutical company and Abellon Group. At Xcellon, education goes beyond giving facts and knowledge. We believe that management is a way of thinking more than anything else and hence we focus on developing the key mental processes that enable a person to excel in life.

Our education can happen as easily in a classroom as in the actual workplace, or during an outdoor session. Along with the experienced faculty and systematically designed course content, the active involvement and participation of students inclassroom sessions, assignments, industry and field visits, presentations, experience sharing during guest lectures, movie and book review sessions create a differentiation in the learning experience at Xcellon.

We understand how the lack of quality manpower and enterprising professionals has crippled business growth in India. At the same time, young India continues its struggle to find the requisite skills and knowledge to excel professionally. Like many successful ideas, the idea of setting up Xcellon School of Business was born out of a need and a problem seen as an opportunity.
The Indian corporate sector has been swept by a force of change led by remarkable growth and global integration. This has led managers to adapt to the new environment by reinventing their organisations and practices. At the forefront has been a fundamental shift in the tapping of human resources, and the attitude of companies towards treating them as the most valued resource. Even as industry embraces the theories of modern management, education remains confined to traditional theories and old world situations.

The time has come to create a new system of education. A system that is 'for today' and educates not just for a degree, but for a career and for life. Xcellon is our attempt to break this barrier to the growth of businesses and individuals alike.

The curriculum at Xcellon has a strong entrepreneurial approach starting from classroom lectures to assignments. People who can execute are few and far between. The curriculum is designed to make students aware, agile and adaptable through guest lectures by successful people from varied backgrounds. Our students are taught to question the status quo, leading to innovative ideas and new ways of thinking.
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