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Industrial Visits  
The concept of Industrial visits has been woven into the academic practices of the institute keeping in mind that experiential learning is the ethos of Xcellon. The motive is to provide the students with a right blend of theoretical learning and an opportunity to witness how those concepts are utilized in the practical environment.

The visits provide an excellent opportunity for the students to comprehend the complexities faced by the organizations in various stages and the implications that decisions have. Students also get to know about the intra and inter-department linkages within the organization and understand behavioral aspects within an organization.

The larger aim of the visits is to make the students relate to the value-chain as followed by firms in the industry. Value chain refers to processes and activities right from the sourcing of raw materials to the point where the final product reaches the end customer.

The Industrial Visit Perspective at Xcellon
At Xcellon, visits happen with a specific academic focus with the objective of maximizing the learnings from the visit. The students go through a pre-briefing before the visit, which provides the framework they would utilize while observing the concerned organization.

The briefing also focuses on the academic concepts already covered in the program. There is a post briefing after the visit, which involves feedback from students on observed phenomena relating to the framework given. It also involves provision of assignments to students for bringing out the application of the academic concepts. The academic model is to spread the visits across different industries in order to maximize exposure and learn the industry-wide common practices along with the practices pertaining to specific industry.

Major Visits
Major visits extend the opportunity to the students to observe closely various stages involved in the manufacturing process of different products.
By observing the manufacturing process at the industry students would be able to relate to the theoretical knowledge. Selection of the organization for major visit is based on the size of the industry it operates into, expected learning outcomes out of the visit and its relevance to the subjects taught in the respective term and few other variables.

The major visit is usually a full one day exercise. Select students are also involved in the organizing and logistics planning for the visit.

Minor Visits
Minor visits are generally based on the respective major visit. Minor visits are initiated to give the systems perspective to the students.

Systems perspective refers to considering all behaviors of the system as a whole in context of its environment; which also talks about interactions and interrelationships between the system and its environment.

Systems perspective enables the students to link the importance of the processes, variables and practices of the forward and backward value-chain related to the main industry. It also enhances the operational level learning leading to in-depth and better learning for the students.

For example, a pharmaceutical company uses Glucose as a major raw material, starch suppliers, maize products suppliers, pharma equipment suppliers etc form the backward value chain - representing the supplier side.

In addition the hospitals, carrying and forwarding agents, distributors, retailers, doctors etc form elements of the forward value chain.

So the minor visits at Starch companies and maize farms helps the students to relate how shift in prices of maize, because of a bad monsoon impact prices of starch and glucose and its impact on the pricing of the pharma products and subsequent impact on sales and usage in hospitals.
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