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About Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad (also called Amdavad) is Gujarat's major city, and a startling mini-metropolis. Straddling the Sabarmati River, it's one half old-world charm, and the other half new-world noise. Yet it's also remarkably cosmopolitan, with a rich Muslim history, a tangled, beautifully restored old city, stunning museums, fine restaurants and fabulous night markets.
Ahmedabad has a rich and vibrant cultural life. In addition to a number of beautiful historic monuments that are always worth a visit, a variety of festivals are celebrated the year round, from the kite-flying festival of Uttarayan in January, to the festival of colours, Holi in March–April, to Rakshabandhan in August, to the festival of lights, Diwali and Id-ul- Fitr in October.
Besides these are the various smaller festivals, and the uniquely Gujarati celebration of the nine nights of Navaratri in September, when the city of Ahmedabad comes alive each night with garbas danced all over the city. In addition, the city frequently hosts handicraft exhibitions and fairs with exhibits and products from all over the country. Know more...
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