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Program Overview  
Industry Outlook
India's economic growth has accelerated significantly over the past two decades. This has brought about opportunities for prosperity and growth. Fast pace changes have highlighted the need to give a fresh look to traditional methods of establishing and managing businesses.

Understanding these changes has become both crucial and critical for the success of practicing managers. The roles and responsibilities of businesses as a global force are becoming extremely complex and interdependent, thus requiring newer approaches.

To meet some of these challenges. Educational institutes have to overcome the shortcomings of the current system. Education can be divided into Initial Education, On the job Training and Continuing Education. We will offer specialized courses that seek to up grade your knowledge and skills on need basis after you start working. The unique combination of structured and experiential learning can be transformational.

We would urge you to convert information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom into application.

We do not claim to know all about human learning. That's an impossible task, but we claim to use known aspects of human learning in the classroom and other places.
The curriculum at Xcellon is designed to allow students to interact freely with their peers, academicians as well as the industry to facilitate learning and value it extrinsically. Instead of trying to teach students everything, the focus would be on creating learners for life thus enabling them to be adaptable to various professional and industrial environments.

Xcellon aims to reduce the Human resource demand - supply gap not just in terms of quantity but quality also. The industry requires trained professionals who can perform, deliver and are adept at taking on the challenges faced by the industry.

The pedagogy at Xcellon is designed for value creation and skill enhancement through a "process approach" thus generating a wave of positive change.

By process approach, we mean that a student's tenure at Xcellon School of Business is a transformational journey during which he/she is groomed by developing core competencies thus reducing shortcomings that might deter growth. Xcellon School of Business also focuses on providing students with immense practical exposure through internships, mentoring programs, field trips , interactions with professionals and so on to provide them functional clarity in terms of their lives post Xcellon and thus helps them develop real expectations from themselves.
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