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Treating participants as Adults  
Teaching and learning at Xcellon is based on the principles of Adult Learning. At Xcellon, participants are treated as adults and hence teaching and learning processes are designed to suit the needs of adults.

We understand that adults are curious about why they need to learn a particular concept or even a subject. Hence, all students are briefed about the actual deliverables of every course or module and about the interlinkages that concepts being taught in the class have with other subjects and concepts. Even the evaluation systems, code of conduct, policy for use of institute's facilities, timings and other academic policies are based on principles of adult learning.

Connections between learning and career development and effects of non learning are   
regularly communicated through personal interactions with participants, individually and in groups.

Since it is a human tendency to recollect own experiences and relate them to newer learnings, faculty members use experiential learning exercises for the student to take past learnings ahead and relate them to the concepts being taught in the class. The role of the faculty team at Xcellon is to develop an environment where students as adults want to accept and start taking responsibility for their learning.

Continuous self assessment through group discussions is a regular practice among students at Xcellon and efforts to improvise on the learning process are highly encouraged.
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